About Robin Sage

Robin Sage, a veteran musician, an empath to the horrors our youth face these days, R. Sage felt a calling to aid the future: Our Youth. Through losing everything, including his brother in 2010, becoming a father in his late 30’s and missing most of his daughter’s developmental years, the author felt it necessary to rise above it all and write a book series about the traditional set of morals given to him by his beloved father.  With the help of supporters and loyal fans, R. Sage hopes that one day his daughter will see who he truly is through his books.  Still an avid song writer, performer, animal lover and voice for the voiceless, the children's books are a direct example of how R. Sage sees how the world could be if we all adhere to the messages.  From a hard and hurtful upbringing, some hard life lessons learned, and a yearn to stop others from going down the same path, Robin Sage feels a Power greater than himself merely used him as a vessel to get these books out to the masses.