Alice Conley, author of "The Star's Wish"

Alice R. Conley was born in a small coal mining and farming town in southwest Virginia. She fell in love with theater and the art of storytelling while performing in a fourth grade play in her home town. Read more

Robin Sage, author of the Rascal Series

Robin Sage, a veteran musician, an empath to the horrors our youth face these days, R. Sage felt a calling to aid the future. Read more

Ian Justice, author of the Ash Series

11 year old Ian Justice, has been named Southwest Virginia's youngest 

author and publisher.  He is the author of "The Boy Named Ash" series,

"Ash Gets a Girlfriend" and "The Science Fair."  Read more

Jeff Necessary, author of Lily & the Boys

Teaching primarily current events and civics in recent years, students have become accustomed to hearing Necessary frequently say, “I cannot remember having a better day.” Read more

Inni Kaur, author of The Story of us

Inni Kaur is a passionate author, poet and painter.  Her writings are inspired by that very outlook on life, as well as Sikh and Sufi thought.   Read more

Chris Mason, author of Stop Doing That

Author Bio coming soon.

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