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About the Author

  Never once, while riding buses from ballpark to ballpark many years ago, did Jeff Necessary imagine he’d ever read a children’s book, much less write one. Jeff has learned that with time, patience, and a willingness to take a chance, incredible things can happen. Allowing three young puppies into his home was quite a chance, but it completely changed his life……for the better. Jeff jokingly says that, “Dogs are so much better than people.” Those who know him best aren’t totally convinced he’s joking.

   Jeff is originally from a very small town in southwestern Virginia. He excelled in sports, especially baseball. From plastic bats and spirited games in the backyard, to being selected by the Pittsburgh Pirates in the amateur baseball draft, to becoming a two time All-American and Hall of Fame member (2014) at King University, in Bristol Tn., Jeff sums up his career by saying only, “I did ok.”

   These days Jeff teaches Current Events and Civics at North Myrtle Beach High School, plays golf as often as possible, along with caring for his beloved dogs. A 27-year teaching veteran, he still loves being in the classroom. His students know that they will laugh, they’ll hear a wide variety of stories, but most importantly they know that Jeff genuinely cares about them. Jeff has proved that learning can take place along with a whole lot of fun. ​

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