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About the Author of the Ash Series

Even though Ian Justice is only 11 years old, his age has not stopped him from striving to achieve his dream. Ian has become Southwest Virginia’s youngest publisher and author.  His love of writing was sparked by watching his father write a book and it wasn’t long before he put his own pen to paper.

Initially he started by mimicking his father’s story, but using his friends as the main characters.  Ian then hit the drawing board and created his character, Ash.   Ian has drawn from his own experiences with his writing and lets his imagination run free in order to develop his stories. He has already published two books, and his passion for writing has led him to start his own publishing company- by kids and for kids!

Ian's story has been shared on many news and radio shows, but in the future, he hopes to reach out to an audience of his own age and inspire kids across the world to follow their dreams, just like him. The young author is currently working on completing seven more books in his series: "The Boy Named Ash".

While Ian is homeschooled, he is now dedicating his free time to writing, playing games like Minecraft and collecting Pokémon cards. His love of self-expression through story writing will be the motivator of the next books in the series as well as his newest story that follows 2 aliens, Toby and Tim, on a Mission around the Galaxy! 

Ian’s biggest motivation is being able to speak with as many other kids about following their dreams as he can.  He is already starting to work with others in the community about putting together kid based events that will show of their skills and talents as well.  He also plans to put together workshops in and around his town of Abingdon, VA that will give him the platform to not only inspire other children to follow their dreams but to help them along the way as well. 

Follow this amazing young man as he, not only continues to write his awesome book series about Ash, but also helps inspire as many young talented children along the way.